Evidence of Identity (EOI)

Evidence of Identity is defined by Transport Safety Victoria as Main Proof of Identity or Multiple Proofs of Identity

Main Evidence of Identity (EOI) is a Driver’s Photo Licence

A Driver’s Photo Licence means any Australian Photo Driver Licence or Austrlaian Photo Learner Permit which is current or expired by no more than 2 years. Cancelled or suspended driver licence or driver licence learner permit cannot be accepted as the main evidence of identity.

If you cannot provide Driver’s Photo Licence you must provide Multiple Evidence of Identity.

Please read carefully to ensure you have the correct EOI prior to commencement of the course. This is a TSV requirement, not ours.

If you cannot provide an EOI with your current address on it, you must complete the Evidence of Address Declaration Form

If you cannot provide EOI with your signature on it (particulalrly if you are 12 to 16 years of age) you need to provide a Statutory Declaration Form.

If you are under 18 years of age and you do not have a driver’s licence, you must be listed on a parent’s or legal guardian’s documents. Parent’s or legal guardian’s licence must be sighted and the number recorded. If the parent or legal guardian do not hold a licence, a statutory declaration must be provided.

For detailed information please visit VicRoads or click on our Evidence of Identity document.

Note all documents must be original as supplied by the issuing authority. Photocopies certified or otherwise, are unacceptable. Birth extracts and Commemorative birth certificates are not recognised proof of identity documents.

TSV Requirements:

  1. Evidence of identity must be submitted at the time of enrolment
  2. No Course Certificate can be issued unless all EOI requirements are met
  3. When applying for a boat licence at Vic Roads, the TSV Approved Training Course Certificate issued by the training organization must be presented together with the EOI.